How it Works

By Bill Bultas, President, Owner and Founder of, LLC

(Please read this. You'll get a lot more out of our quiz contests and emails if you do!)

Thank you for your interest in our contests! If you sign up for , we will send you emails every day that contain our 3 quiz questions for prizes. You do not have to answer our questions correctly to be entered to win our prizes. Just do your best! The subject headers and first part of all of our emails will relate to offers from our sponsors that are featured in each message, but all of the messages will clearly show they are from . You do not need to click on or in any way engage with the sponsor offers we send to you to answer our daily questions. Open each message and scroll down to find our daily quiz contests. They are completely free, always will be, and we do not sell or share your personal information with 3rd parties for joining our lists, site, or answering our questions.

Who Are We?

We are, LLC, an online "edutainment" and promotions company that has been in operation since 1998! You can read more about our company here and our key personnel here.

Our Email Lists

We operate a few email lists. All of them will state they are from, LLC near the bottom of each message. If you are active on any of our lists, we may add you to 1 or more others over time. You can unsubscribe from any of these lists individually or all of them at once (and be removed from being added to any others in the future) by using the Unsubscribe and My Settings links at the bottom of every email you receive, or choose to redact (delete) all of your information altogether through those links.

Every one of our email lists links you to all of our contest questions for any given day, although most messages will only give you access to 1 contest question at a time (a few messages only contain advertising and no questions, but we limit how many of these we send to you). Therefore you don't really have to be on more than one of our email lists such as in order to receive all of our daily contest questions.

Presently we only mail to a few domains, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and a few others. If you sign up and are not receiving our messages, first check your spam folder in case they are there (and please move them to your inbox if they are), and if that fails we recommend joining with a Gmail, Yahoo or AOL adddress. If you don't have one, you can create one for free.

Sponsor Offers

As noted above, all of our messages contain sponsor offers at the beginning of our messages, and the subject headers of the messages relate to those sponsor offers. You do not need to interact with those sponsor offers at all to answer our daily questions and potentially win our prizes. Should you choose to interact with any of the sponsor offers, we do not have access to their systems and have no control over their fulfillment for their promotions. If you have questions about a sponsor offer, refund, or reward for which you believe you are entitled, please click to the sponsor offer and scroll to the bottom of the page for links through which you can contact the sponsor. We unfortunately cannot assist you with this. We only handle matters related to our contests and quiz questions, and prizes we directly send to our daily and annual winners of those contests.

We don't initiate calls, texts, or postal advertisements (we don't even collect your phone number, and only collect your postal data for the purpose of sending you any prizes you win); any emails you receive that don't state they are from, LLC are not from us. As mentioned above, we do not sell or share your information with 3rd parties when you join our email lists or create an account on our site to participate in our quiz contests. If you click on sponsor ads, very basic information is shared with sponsors per our privacy policy.

Paid Surveys & Prizes Page

We provide links to our Paid Surveys & Prizes page through our emails and through our site. The page is hosted on just as our contest questions are. This page contains sponsor offers. Please see the above Sponsor Offers entry to see how these offers work. If you are wanting to be paid to take surveys, we do highly recommend our sponsor Survey Junkie, which is one of the most respected paid survey sites in the world and has been for several years. You do not have to interact with any of the offers on our Paid Surveys & Prizes Page to answer our daily questions and potentially win prizes from us.

3 Daily Questions

If you are on any of our email lists, each day we will send you:

  • • A DAILY OPINION POLL CONTEST QUESTION (our messages presently refer to this as "Today's Survey Question").

All of the questions are multiple choice and hosted on our domain You are entered to win each contest regardless of how you answer each question, and whether or not you answer it correctly. Your scores, the answers you select for the questions, and the correct answers and explanations are all archived in the Your Score/Scoreboard section of your account. This information is only viewable by you.

Daily Question Times

Daily Questions are live for 24 hours, beginning at 10 PM Eastern Time each night for the following day. They then expire the following night at 10 PM, at which time we begin sending out emails with the questions for the following day.

Archived Questions

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) by "Time remaining" at the top of the page are no longer live contest questions. We call these Archived Questions. You can still answer them for fun and to learn things. They will be added to Your Score/Scoreboard like Daily Questions, but will not enter you to win any of our prizes. If you have already answered a Daily Question for one of the contests and click a link for that same question's category (brain teaser, poll, trivia) from or another list of ours, you will receive an Archived Question. You will also receive an Archived Question if you click a link in an email that is for a date other than the one for that question. Example: If you click a Trivia link in a message we sent you yesterday, you would receive an Archived Question instead of a Daily Question that will enter you to win our prizes. Lastly, after you answer a question, our site will prompt you to answer an "unlocked" question. These "unlocked" questions are always Archived Questions.

3 Daily Contests, 3 Daily Prizes, 3 Grand Prizes

Each of the Daily Questions that you answer before they expire at 10 PM Eastern Time each night will enter you to win a $50 AMAZON.COM®** Gift Card that we give away for every day of the year, PLUS our annual $5,000 cash Grand Prize. That's 3 $50 daily prizes you can answer questions to win, PLUS 3 $5,000 prizes! Each time you answer a Daily Question for a contest adds an entry for you and increases your chances of winning that contest's Grand Prize. Answer as often as you can to get the best chances of winning the Daily and Grand prizes!


Per our official rules: "This Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, all United States territories and possessions and the States of New York and Florida), who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry, and who reside in the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, all United States territories and possessions and the States of New York and Florida)." We are sorry that we cannot award prizes to New Yorkers and Floridians. We did for the first 3 years of the contests (2019-2022), but the annual fees and significant paperwork required by these 2 (and only these 2) states was prohibitive to continue. If you are in either of these states, please accept our apologies. You can still answer the questions for fun and education, and if you know people in the other 48 states you'd like to recommend us to, they can answer to win our prizes.

Winners and Prizes

Daily Winners are normally selected on weekdays for the prior day, so on Mondays or following holidays multiple days of winners may be selected at once. Our system will email you if you are a winner, and the emails are formatted differently from our regular messages. You do not have to do anything to claim your prize if you are selected for a Daily prize. Your gift card will be sent to you by USPS Priority Mail, which we track to confirm delivery to the postal address you provide when you create your account with us. Please note that if the USPS confirms delivery to your address, we are not responsible and cannot replace lost, stolen, damaged, or missing gift cards. We have mailed thousands of gift cards to winners since we began these contests in 2019. You will find dozens of pages of winners' photos (many holding the gift cards we sent to them) on our Winners' Photo Gallery. A full list of all of our winners since our start in 2019 begins here. It is presently over 150 pages long and constantly growing! Our daily emails will update you on the highest number of wins any of our subscribers has managed to achieve. At the time of this writing our top winner has won a total of 27 times!

Our $5,000 Grand Prizes are sent by check each year in early June. We contact winners by email, and when they provide the information we need for legal reasons, we send the checks out by USPS Priority Mail.

Do we like sending out prizes to our winners? We really do!

More Contests! More Prizes! More Features!

We intend to increase our current 3 contests to 4 or possibly 5 in the near future. Future Daily Question categories may include Brain Puzzles, which would be much like our Brain Teasers, and Trivia Teasers, which would operate much like our Trivia Questions. We also plan to add some additional statistics to Your Score/Scoreboard so that you can better see how you are doing in any given month vs. your running total for the year, and may even provide you estimated "IQ" scores which should not be taken too seriously but would allow you to get an idea of how you are performing in comparison to the rest of the population of people who answer our questions.


Official Rules

Here are the official rules for each of the contests:

Good luck on winning the prizes, and most importantly, have fun!